SDF Shell and Network Utilities

Directory and File Utilities found in (/bin /usr/bin & /usr/pkg/bin)
editors Prints out a list of file editors.
cd Change to a new directory.
pwd Show the current directory you are in.
ls -la List the files in the current directory.
cat Concatenate a file (print its contents).
more List a file's contents and pause at a screenful.
cp Copy a file.
mv Move or rename a file.
rm Remove a file (try the delete/undelete/expunge suite).
mkdir Make a directory.
rmdir Remove a directory.
chmod Change the permissions of a file.
kermit Run the KERMIT program for file transfers, et cetera.
sz,sx,sb Send Zmodem, Send Xmodem and Send Ymodem.
rz,rx,rb Receive Zmodem, Receive Xmodem and Receive Ymodem.
Internetworked Electronic Mail, S D F - 1 Public Access UNIX System
elm A nice, configurable mail reading/sending program.
mm TOPS-20 Mail Manager.
mutt based on ELM, but much smaller.
pine A nice, configurable mail reading/sending program.
mailx Line based mail reader.
bboard SDF Public bulletin board.
vacation While your away, mail can respond for you.
nospam A simple mail filter that keeps spam away.
USENET Newsgroups
readnews A very simple news reader.
rn Read News. An enhanced news reader.
trn Read News by threads (recommended).
postnews A simple news posting program (great!).
Pnews A posting program with more options.
nn Efficient net news interface.
tin Iain Lea's ELM like newsreader.
User and Process Information
who Who is On?
w Who and what they Do?
finger Who is who?
users A horizontal list of who is logged in.
ps Process Status.
last The user log for the day.
chpass Change your fullname and/or login shell.
sentry Monitors login/logout account usage.
uinfo Display historical info on a user's account.
notify Important notices checked at login time.
Tutorials and Interesting Commands
faq Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about SDF.
logout Logs you out of the UNIX system.
ruptime Displays current uptime stats for all SDF systems.
downtime Displays logged downtime, reasons and future maintenance.
commode COM MODE communication forum.
phone User2User online communication programme.
send Online Communication tool. Type "send -?" for options.
online Tells you how long a user has been online for the day.
oneliner SDF's infamous, user contributed, 'one liners'.
disk Lists disk usage for a user.
vilearn Interactive tutorial for using the "vi" visual editor.
mesg Sets messages on or off for all or users in your user group.
games Prints a list of online games and playing tips.
ttylock A simple 'lock' for those who wish to secure a public TTY.
pledge Make a pledge of support to the SDF Public Access UNIX System.
maxusers Print the maximum number of concurrent users.
ARPA Services (Denoted by * are restricted to "ARPA" group members only.)
*telnet Make a TTY connection to a remote host.
*ssh Make a secured TTY connection to a remote host.
*rlogin Remote Login to another host.
finger Who is logged in.
*ftp Transfer files between systems (use TENEX mode for PDP-10s)
lynx A textual interface to html.
links A textual interface to html with frames support.
whois Search SRI-NIC.ARPA database records.
*irc Internet Relay Chat - enter at your own RISK %-)
freeirc Available to 'users' on Sundays.
talk BSD Talk programme .. communicate with other users interactively.
ytalk Allows you to talk with multiple users in one talk session.
micq Matt Smith's ICQ client for UNIX - Creates .micqrc for conf
ysm You Sick Me - an icq compatible client.
naim Not AOL instant messager - An AOL instant messenger client.
tac An AOL instant messenger client.
*snarf Snarf files via FTP or HTTP really fast.
*curl cat URL.
udns Set your dynamic IP address for your domain.
Homepage, VHOST and MetaARPA Utilities
url Look up an SDF user's URL.
dues Display you current membership dues status.
mdns Update your dynamic DNS.
mkcron Manage your cronjobs.
mkgopher This command sets up your GOPHERSPACE directory and allows you create titles and descriptions for your site.
mkhomepg This command sets up your initial homepage directory $HOME/html with proper links. You can then upload files via FTP or Z/X/Y/Modem mkhomepg can also be used to create your own custom URL and be used to set proper file permissions for cgis and html.
mkvhost If you are in the ARPA group, you can run this to setup your own DNS record and include your host as a 'virtual host' on SDF.
mkvlist Manage your mailing lists.
mkvpm If you are in the ARPA group and a VHOST member you can use this command to setup, modify or delete virtual pop3 mailboxes associated with your domain. This can also be used to toggle aliases and set your SMTP AUTH shared secret.
vpmstat Lists all VPM mailboxes (active and inactive), their size and the last time they were written to.
vpmclear Allows you to clear specific VPM mailbox files.
rsync MetaARPA can use this utility to as a faster, flexible replacement for rcp.
setvmail MetaARPA members can use this utility to toggle any of the 36 domains available as email addresses.
webquota Displays your current webquota used/available.
UNIX command summary at
cd {dir} Change Directory.
pwd print working (current) directory.
ls LiSt directory (try ls -la)
cat {file} conCATenate (view) a file.
mkdir {name} Create a directory.
rm {file} Remove a file or directory.
mv {file) Move a file or directory.
chmod perm {file} Set permission bits for a file or directory.
edit {file} Edit a file in your directory.
ps Process Status (try ps -aux)
passwd Change your password.
disk Show current disk usage.
uptime Show system status.
df Print system storage.
freeirc IRC access is free on Sundays.
profiles Join the ASCII social network.
dict {word} Query the online dictionary.
cal Calendar (try 'cal 1752')
finger {user} Show info about a user (try who or w)
chfn Change your full name.
chsh Change your shell.
ping {host} Test network connectivity to a host.
traceroute {host} View the route to a remote host.
man {cmd} Read a manual page for a command.
dig / host DNS utilities.
geoip Country lookup on an IP.
expire Calculate your account expiration.
domains List domains available for use on SDF.
mkhomepg Manage your own webpage space.
mkgopher Manage your own gopherspace.
upload Upload a file using ZMODEM (works w/ TeraTERM)
com Multiuser online chat.
msg {user} Send a message to another user online.
bboard Bulletin board.
faq Frequently asked questions.
mail Read/send email.
lynx {url} Browse webpages.
links {url} Browse webpages (w/ frames support)
gopher {url} Browse gopherspace.
talk {user} Talk to another user.
url {user} Look up a user's URL.
ysm Chat on the ICQ network.
pkg_info List ported/installed software packages.
whois {domain} Query the INTERNIC WHOIS database.
delme Remove your account now.
logout Logoff.

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